Aerogarden Harvest User Guide – Quick Setup

Welcome to the Aerogarden Harvest User Guide! This guide will teach you how to properly operate and manage your Aerogarden so that you can produce a bountiful harvest of fresh herbs and vegetables.

First, make sure your Aerogarden is fully assembled and ready to get started. Next, read through the general instructions below and find specific instructions for your particular Aerogarden model.


General Instructions:

  1. To start harvesting, first Seed your Aerogarden. To do this, fill the seed tray with fresh herbs or vegetables and water. Then place your Aerogarden in a sunny spot on your balcony or patio.
  2. Once your Aerogarden has been seeded, you will need to water it regularly to keep the plants healthy and thriving. To do this, open the water reservoir and pour enough water into the soil basin to cover the roots of the plants. Close the water reservoir and wait until it reaches room temperature before using it again.
  3. When your Plants are growing, they will need to be harvested regularly (every 8-12 hours) to get a bountiful harvest. To harvest, use the included hand tool to take the plants off the support structure. Be sure to gently remove the plants without breaking them or damaging the leaves.
  4. Now you have harvested all of your desired plants, be sure to compost any leftovers and discard any damaged or wilted plants. Enjoy your fresh herbs and vegetables!

Aerogarden Harvesting Setting For Herbs And Shrubs:

Aerogardens harvesting is easy if you know how to do it like this. Herbs and shrubs or small plants are a perfect aerogarden harvest. Aerogarden herbs and shrubs can be harvested with the help of a hand tool.

  1. Choose the Height of the Herbs and Shrubs to be Harvested:

There is no need to remove all the leaves from the herbs and shrubs when harvesting them from your Aerogarden. Select the height of the plants to be harvested, and use the hand tool to take them off of the support structure.

  1. Gently Remove the Herbs and Shrubs:

Be sure to gently remove the herbs and shrubs without breaking them or damaging the leaves. If the leaves are too large or dense to be easily removed with the hand tool, use a pair of scissors to trim them down.

  1. Remove any Stems and Flowers:

If there are any stems or flowers attached to the herbs and shrubs, remove them before harvesting. These unwanted elements can cause problems when composting the plants.

  1. Enjoy Your Herbs and Shrubs Harvested from your Aerogarden!

Difficulties While Harvesting:

A few difficulties can occur while harvesting herbs and shrubs from an Aerogarden. One common problem is that the plants may not be easy to remove from the support structure. If this is the case, be sure to use a pair of scissors to trim the leaves down before removing them.

Another problem is that the plants may be damaged while being removed. If this happens, be sure to take care when composting the plants to avoid potential problems. Overall, harvesting herbs and shrubs from an Aerogarden should be pretty easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind if difficulties do arise.

How To Remove Harvested Plant?

If harvesting the plants from an Aerogarden is difficult, a few methods can be used. One option is to use a pair of scissors to trim the leaves down before removing them. Another option is to use a gardening tool called “snips,” similar to scissors, but with wider blades.

If the plants are damaged while being removed, be sure to care when composting them. Avoid any potential problems by taking the time to remove the plants properly and avoiding damage. Overall, harvesting plants, herbs, and shrubs from an Aerogarden should be easy for even beginners.


Aerogarden Harvest user guide provides excellent insight on how to use an Aerogarden. This guide includes tips on how to plant, grow, and harvest plants in the Aerogarden and troubleshooting advice for common problems. If you are just getting started with an Aerogarden, this guide is a great place to start. If you are an experienced gardener and would like to add an Aerogarden to your garden, check out our collection of tips for growing in an Aerogarden.Aerogarden Harvest User Guide

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