How Does an AeroGarden Work? – Full Explained

Have an excellent enjoyable and impressively food hobby? Here is one I love to do. Today you will see means how it does Aerogarden to do. You would read step-by-step on stabilizing an excellent healthy grow, prune, and cook with herbs the first month. I and very glad to share this with you.How does AeroGarden work


AeroGarden Growing the First Month

In growing systems like AeroGarden, you do not need to make a quiet space or make your home yard! You may plant delightful herbs, fruits, and vegetables all from the requirement of your kitchen, either if it is well small.

Same as millions of people around the globe, which more the spending more time indoors than ever before. However, many people may have taken up new interests; one that may become good well known is gardening. It is with good reason, too, as it is comfortable and gives you delightful assistance.

Growing Gerbs in the AeroGarden the First Month

Can we believe that some delicious herbs grew up within weeks of growing up in the Aerogarden? I was surprised at how quickly I could have cooked with them.

In this review, I will answer the following questions:

  • Does Aerogarden work?
  • What is AeroGarden?
  • What is an Aero garden?
  • How to use AeroGarden?
  • Aerogarden Setup?
  • What Grows Best in an AeroGarden?
  • How to set up AeroGarden? Or How does Aerogarden work?

I will go through with you the first month of setting up and how to do your AeroGarden work (specifically the AeroGarden Harvest Slim setup). In addition, I will work on using these fresh herbs to prepare delicious meals that your family would love to eat.

What is an AeroGarden? Or What is Aerogarden?

AeroGarden is an indoor gardening hobby or system that grows fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs for the whole year. Here are different types, but we have discussed a few; I will concentrate on growing herbs in the AeroGarden Harvest Slim model, as it would be perfect in the low of spaces like a windowsill or on countertops with having restricted areas. However, if you have much room, you would like to have larger models like the AeroGarden Bounty Basic.

How to use AeroGarden? Or Aerogarden Setup?

AeroGarden would use hydroponics and LED lights to grow plants, making it a quick and easy growing procedure. In actuality, plants grown in the AeroGarden produce up to five times quicker than plants make using traditional gardening methods. Even better, it only makes some simple stages to have seeing outputs.

What Grows Best in an AeroGarden?

Which fresh herbs like to be costly, most the families may have saved a lot of money by planting their herbs. In addition, they are tastier and subsidize more flavor to meals better than dried herbs. Just because of this, herbs are delicious to grow me in an AeroGarden. Thus like these are peppers and tomatoes.

AeroGarden Herb Guide:

How does AeroGarden work

Like this quick response guide, you will have all the related substances required to grow and make your herbs. Having finished the four weeks, you will be accessible to use your AeroGarden and be ready to check with growing new plants in the future.

AeroGarden Setup with Seed Pod Covers

Week 1, Day 1 – The Aerogarden system would be quick and easy, and the seed pods are healthy to grow.

Week 1: AeroGarden Pods Setup, First Developing!

After purchasing and unboxing your AeroGarden, please select a location where an electrical outlet would be convenient to plug it in and start with it.

AeroGarden Setup Steps

How does AeroGarden work

Making water available to the Aerogarden for the first time

You will require a substantial amount of water in the reservoir and add more plant food nutrients to the water.

Removing water cover from AeroGarden

Here is a plastic piece covering the area where food and water are added to the garden.

Adding water to AeroGarden fill line

The filling line has it easy to show the water level in the Aerogarden.

Nourishing AeroGarden herbs would be better to fill with liquid plant food

Aerogarden has to fill by adding plant food for the first time

The quantity of nutrients you require to add relay depends on the number of seed pods you are in it (make sure to make the nutrient packaging to check the exact amount).

Aerogarden Setup on plant stand from Ikea

I made my Aerogarden on a plant stand I had chosen for it for the first time. I have decided to change it to a bookshelf earlier, which may increase the lights.

Yes, it is time to add your AeroGarden grow pods! You will want to make sure the individual seed pod is roofed with plastic vault covers. These pod roofs increase humidity and inspire the seeds to shoot.

 Addition of herb pods to AeroGarden harvest

After passing a day or two, you can through checking that your pods have produced sprouting! That being said, do not be worried while your little pods have not grown this rapidly. Some makes of AeroGarden herb pods have longer to grow than others (AeroGarden basil pods specifically shoot quickly).

Aerogarden Starting To Sprout Thai basil

At the end of the 1st week, make sure your rapid-sprouting kernels may previously be so tall that they may touch the plastic AeroGarden pod roofed. While you observe that this is starting to go on, you may eliminate them. This would give them much room to grow taller.

Basil Sprouting in the AeroGarden

More Herbs Growth, Feeding, Changing Water

In your second week of “Aerogardening,”; you will mostly see more and more growth having it. All of your plastic AeroGarden pod covers must be eliminated at the end of this week.

Herbs Starting to Sprout in the AeroGarden

After week 2, Day 9, two herbs are prepared to make the seed pod covers detached. The two herb plants decided to be put at the ends of the garden because they will increase and be tall and are seeing good.

You indeed do not like your newly growing plants to go thirsty; thus, have immediate to provide water to your AeroGarden at the level of the indicator line.

starting to remove herb pod covers from aero garden

Do not fear changing the water till (you will make it to week four). On the same level as watering your AeroGarden, you will water your AeroGarden plants.

Feeding AeroGarden with liquid plant food

After Week 2, Day 14, it is time to make the AeroGarden have liquid plant food.

How do you Feed an AeroGarden?

After you add water, you require to feed your AeroGarden. While making it exactly to do so, you may also provide the number of nutrients required for the number of pods with you. So three-pod AeroGardens may only require about 4ml (one cap-full) of nutrients; AeroGardens having six or seven pods require twice the same quantity (8ml).

If you make the Harvest Elite Slim AeroGarden model, having six pods, you will require to make the feed your AeroGarden two cap-fulls of nutrients. You Can also check the How Does an AeroGarden Work?

Very rightly to the other, the sizeable AeroGarden Farm model has twelve pods and requires twice the same quantity of nutrients as its counterparts.

Pushing aerogarden, add plant food button to reset it

The Aerogarden feed button becomes off every two weeks. A delicate push resets the button.

What is in AeroGarden Plant Food?

How AeroGarden work

While growing plants at home, you undoubtedly require the assurance that they are without dangerous substances and chemicals. The good thing is that  Aerogarden nutrients are comfortably harmless and have neither herbicides nor pesticides. Keeping this, you may have good meaning that your herbs are good for you and the environment.

AeroGarden plant food has many vitamins and mineral salts needed to grow precisely. They also have an original pH buffer that makes you carefully use any water in the AeroGarden. You may also fill your AeroGarden with normal water.

Aerogarden sprouting herbs

After Week 3, Day 20, the Aerogarden grows some fresh-looking herbs.

Week 3: AeroGarden First Clipping, Floating the Light

At this point, you would be observing some good growth in your AeroGarden! Having flourishing plants, you can check the growth of an uncertain white material. You may be wondering if your Aerogarden is growing mild.

white mold on aerogarden seed pods

May your Aerogarden grow mold?

Conflicting to know you may observe while you 1st have a look, it is a helpful mushroom and a symbol that your plants are fit and living.

Aerogarden Herbs Touch the Light

After Week 3, Day 23, the basil herbs (Italian Genovese Basil and Thai Basil at the ends) are growing faster than the others or the Aerogarden.

Come again to do when Aerogarden herbs touch the light

If your herbs have to observe tall good to have the approach of the LED lights, you would require to start floating the light upward, as per the height of your plants.

Adjusting the AeroGarden Light

In most cases, some of your plants have good high than others; you may trim them to the desired same length. In this method, the whole has an equal amount of light and may start to thrive.

Pruning AeroGarden herbs OR How to Prune AeroGarden Herbs

In this case, you have not heard of this term; to “prune” means breaking or trimming out unrequired substances on your plants, like slow growth of any king or overgrown stems.

It is an active phase of the rinsing procedure. If you famine your garden to save development, you will mark absent a something-like of like while you trim our spread ends, making them easy to grow better. Also, check the How to Prune Dill Aerogarden.

When you are standing to clip your AeroGarden herbs, carefully take away any brown or yellowish leaves or overgrown stems.

1st  AeroGarden water change lifting herb roots from water

After Week 4: AeroGarden Harvesting, Changing Water

You have made it to the fourth and last week of this guide! If you have contributed the above steps steadily, you may have to begin harvesting and putting your plenty to make! After four weeks, it means that it is time to have just how to make AeroGarden’s water or make aerogarden herb pods with fresh water

How to Change the Water in AeroGarden?

Changing AeroGarden’s water for the first time requires eliminating the production level with all the plants immobile in their pod holes. Formerly, fill the basin with water and keep the produce deck secret in instruction to keep your plants hydrated regarding the AeroGarden water change. In the end, make empty the water in the AeroGarden and refresh it with fresh water.

Feeding AeroGarden after water change

Ensure to food your plants after each AeroGarden water change (as discussed earlier in the guide above). This would make them for healthy growth and you to have cooked with AeroGarden. You Can also check the How to Clean Your AeroGarden.

Fresh herbs growing in the aero garden

Reaping AeroGarden Herbs

When harvesting herbs from the Aero garden, make it clear not to over-prune them. This can happen harmful reply to your AeroGarden herbs. Having many herbs, you will require having the leaf closest to the level you are hurtful and trim slightly above it as every herb is trimmed lightly.

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