How to Clean Your AeroGarden? – Step By Step Instructions

It is essential to clean your AeroGarden for healthy and fresh growing plants. Why is it so required? How can we be ready to use the best way to clean all the parts without harming them? We will provide you with all answers to these questions and some addition for your better review.

With time, your plant’s roots would come up into the filter. It may also come stopped with algae, gunk, or other organic material. While this is going to realize the water would not mingle well. You Can Also check the How to Prune Dill Aerogarden.

The pump might still be working, but uncertainly it is locked on one side or roofed in algae, it would not be working at best up to. This means your plant’s roots would not be inhaling all the nutrients and oxygen they require.

While clearing the inner part of your Aerogarden and keeping the pump and filter are able from any hurdle, the required nutrient and water would be able to approach all of your plant’s roots.

It will provide healthier and bigger plants. And it is, in a way, our goal! Thus, let’s take the start.


Materials Require

  • Small Brush if there are brown spots or if it is filthy!
  • Clean Towel for Drying
  • Bleach or Vinegar for Cleaning
  • New Sponge or Paper Towels

How To Clean Your AeroGarden: Step-By-Step Guide

Assure the following roles to have your instrument running and clean perfectly.

Unplug The AeroGarden

Unplug The AeroGarden

Unplug AeroGarden come back from the Wall

1st step with to start by unplugging your Aerogarden. Unplug both the reservoir from the base and the base from the wall.

Uplift the unit above to the sink.

Take away The Plants.

Take away The Plants.

Confiscate plant area from AeroGarden

Remove out the produce area and your plants. Separate the roots. If you have been mounting plants for a while, they might have full-grown into the area or the filter. Prepare the surface on a plate or tray.

Assuming you may make the shells in a glass of water, you are supposed to clear the roots without drying out.

Make planting plant pods with herbs in a glass of water slightly.

Vacant The Reservoir Bowl

Vacant The Reservoir Bowl

Discharge the water from the reservoir bowl into the sink—solution out the bowl with water to clear any evident slime or residue.

Vacant water reservoir into a sink

Clear The Filter

Clear The Filter

While your plants grow up more extensive, their roots have longer. And if this is good to do, it may like main to blockage the filter. Thus, the water does not approach ideally.

Pick up or out the filter and clear it off. The mesh is the little black mop that fits into the slit next to the pump.

Blocked filter from roots

If you do not get through it, check the roots of your plants. In some instances, roots come up into the filter, and they grow out while you take out the plants.

Clear any plant physical from the filter and dye it off. And then put the filter back in the area of your unit.

Closeup of the AeroGarden filter with missile showing where it goes

This is the clean filter having an arrow making through where to insert it after picking out the rising and roots it off.

Making a Cleaning Solution With Bleach or White Vinegar

Having 1/4 cup bleach in the sink

Aerogarden preferred two ways of cleaning solutions:

5 cups of distilled white vinegar or 

1/4 cup of chlorine bleach mass with a tank of water

Fill up the reservoir with 1/4 cup bleach and add the required quantity of water. (Or you may be using vinegar in the absence of bleach).

Plugin the unit back in and run the water pump for 5 minutes. This sanitizes the central of your AeroGarden.

Solution It good

Washing the AeroGarden with Clean water

We are trying to solve the workings three times to make sure all hints of bleach or vinegar are detached.

Note: Both bleach and vinegar are suitable for cleaning & disinfecting, whereas they may be harmful to all organic matter. Thus once we have completed cleaning, we require to make it clear of all hints of whichever material are required. However, we may interfere with your plant’s further growth.

Fill up the bowl with water and let the filter work for 5 minutes. This is solution #2.

Vacant the bowl again and make the filter work further for 5 minutes. This is the final rinse.

Apply each one down with a fresh towel or clean rag.

Clear the Growing Deck

Clean the Growing Deck

Clear the panting level of the AeroGarden with a spout

Solution the growing level in your sink with the sprayer. Make a small brush or mop to remove and loosen any organic physical. Continue washing with water until it is clear.

You may make a Q-tip and a little vinegar for stubborn areas. The solution again and dry it off with a clean towel.

Get Back Together Your AeroGarden

After getting that everything is clear, reattach the deck to the reservoir. At that time shot it back in the base.

You are now available to stow or replant it away for later usage.

Helpful Tips While Cleaning:

Yes, here are some additional tips that hopefully answer any additional questions.

Harvest Your Herbs Before You Start:

Before you start, you may have to do an entire harvest or make your herbs a slight clipping.

Very actual, you will be clearing in between plantings, but quite a movement, a mid-growing cycle precise is required. In this instance, coming up with neat plants will make the entire process helpful.

Whatever If There Is Algae On (or In) My AeroGarden?

Algae might grow in the water bowl or surrounding the holes inside your AeroGarden, on the planting deck, or about the seed pods. This is usual and would not damage your plants, as for as it would be not over.

Whatever option Algae And How To Prevent It

Algae come up while light and water interrelate. This is a cause in major hydroponic systems. The nutrient solution could help the algae grow.

You may rub it off with a clean cloth or wet paper towel to clear it. Or swap the water in the reservoir.

Holding light from entering the water can decrease algae building. You may take plant inserts to make any vacant holes to make light out. 

Which Is That Brown Crust on The Grow Deck?

The limits about the planting cells of your grow level may jump amassing brown “crust” or deposit as your plants grow. This is the remainder of the fertilizer. Though its expressions are dull, they would not upset your plants. It is also justly familiar as you have been growing for a while.

When water circulates in the body of the AeroGarden, some of the fertilizer comes up through the plant cells. It can be deposited on the growing deck, leaving behind the brown coloring. The brown residue is just a little calcium buildup from the Liquid Fertilizer. Also, check the How Does an AeroGarden Work?

While It is not damaging, you may clean it having a little baking soda and white vinegar or CLR, a Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover. Have a small brush to help loosen and remove the mineral buildup. 

I am having the water level below or at the fill, line to stop this from doing. The lower water level will hold the water from bubbling up through the plant cells. 

May we Have To Bleach or Vinegar for Cleaning?

No, you would not. Recommending having one or the other remove all bacteria and any grow-up of organic matter. At the same time, many people clear their Aerogardens with having water and take good results.

Thus, while you may feel very about chemicals, you may check them. And, while you do not make either on hand, do not lose the cleaning. One or two growing tenors make using water, and a clean sponge or towel would be pretty good.

When and How Often Should You Clean Your AeroGarden?

AeroGarden Harvest with Culinary Herb Pods

At the lowest, you may clean your AeroGarden every time you use it to plant new pods.

In adding more to clearing in between plantings, you would also change the water every 4-6 weeks.

You do not make to do a full sanitizing like mentioned above. Just vacuum the reservoir, clean the bowl, and fill it up with clean water.

AeroGarden prefers this. They have done many pieces of training and confirmed that plants grow healthier and stronger while the water is changed regularly.


The AeroGarden is a relaxed and enjoyable stance to grow fresh herbs and plants inside. And if the plants grow actually on auto-pilot, a little care is still required to make them grow.

The entire cleaning procedure only takes about 1/2 hour and is an excellent result of the struggle. You would be fruitful with good healthy herbs making in the suitability of your home kitchen!

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