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If you are a landscape horticulturist, you will definitely know how awesome is to transplant the aerogarden plant into your lovely home. If not, man, you are missing my valuable pot about transplanting the aerogarden plant.


How to Transplant from Aerogarden

to transplant with aerogarden, fill the pots with the ix of ¼ vermiculite or perlite and ¾ potting soil. Mix the two things with your fingers throughout the pot to make the two things well-distributed. Removal of the first plant pod is essential from the aero garden, as the stem and root ball should not be damaged. The plant’s root is too long so that they can easily reach the base of the unit to get nutrient-rich water. They can also get tangled with the roots of the other plants in the same unit. It will be better to break the plant’s roots but not so much if possible.

Dig a hole in the center of the potting soil with your fingers in the first pot. Then place the root ball of the first plant into the hole. You can cut the plastic aerogarden basket around the pod, but it will be better to leave it. Use the side cutters to remove it and snip the plastic parts away. Do not snip the foam away from the pot, as the roots of the aero garden will intertwine with it without damaging your plant.

Cover the top of the root with potting soil, water all the transplants thoroughly, and continue to water them for the coming weeks. Place the transplants near the sunlight or the grow lamp as much as possible. Do not place the plant outside unless and until they assimilate into the living soil.

How to transfer aero garden to soil

To transfer the aero garden to the soil, if the roots are extremely long, cut or trim them to enough extent so that they should fit into the pot without rolling from the bottom. Place the seeds in the mid of the pot and growing sponge on top of it or slightly below the rim. Fill it with the growing sponge with the potting mix and make it firm.

How to replant aero garden pods

Replanting the aero garden pods is very easy to proceed; remove the seedlings from the pot gently and with the help of sharp scissors or herb pruners to nip off all of them but do not remove single strongest ones. If the roots of the plants are too long, cut them so that they should fit into the pot without encircling the bottom.

Can you plant aero garden pods outside

the transplanted pods of the aero garden pods need adequate sunlight and care to grow and thrive, but it is better not to place them in the direct sunlight for the initial weeks after plantation. Despite all gradually, it will be better for their growth to increase plant exposure to the sunlight until they become harder. Once they grow and become healthy, you can easily transplant the herbs and plants in the outdoor garden.

How to transplant hydroponic plants

Hydroponic gardening is tough to learn, but what will happen if you want to transplant the hydroponic plants into the soil. Depending on the process you opt for, these plants will eventually die or thrive if removed from the soil.

To learn how to transplant hydroponic plants:

  • Reduce the amount of water in hydroponic plant

Before the plantation of the hydroponic plants, reduce the amount of water in themes. Decreasing the amount of water in them will increase the growth in their root system. This will help them to transition to finding water in the soil. By decreasing the water, the roots will grow tough as the growing plant’s cell walls will become thinner compared to plants grown in soil.

  • Find the right size of the pot

Before planting the aero garden in the garden, you should move the hydroponic plants into the pot for the transition phase. For the plants to survive, it will take many weeks to harden off their plants. In the pots, the process will become easy to grow and thrive. The pot size for the plantation of hydroponic plants should be four to six in diameter as they offer sufficient room for the root system of hydroponic plants to spread in a good way without hitting the sides.

  • Fill the pot with growing medium

The loose potting soil or soil peat mix is the best option for transplanting hydroponic plants. The soft texture, ample aeration, and light in the growing medium will allow the roots to grow and tough the plant without heavy soil pressing against the soft and delicate membranes.

Before adding the soil to the potting, mix it with the water in a separate container to make it humid evenly. To avoid the root rot, do not soak the potting mix. The wet potting mix in the pot and press it down to form sufficient firmness to hold the plant in the proper direction.

  • Make the hole in the pot and place the transplant

With the help of a spoon. Make a hole in the pot, and dig it down far enough so that the plant’s root ball should be easily fit into it. It would help to move the plants from the hydroponic water to the soil quicker, so it is better to prepare as many pots before starting the process.

When to transplant aero garden pods

The best time to transplant aero garden to get the best results is to move from the aero garden seed starting system to soil when the seeds grow their first set out of true leaves. The roots have penetrated to grow sponges at this level, but they are not entangled until long.


So in this post, you have learned how to transplant from the aero garden in the best way, as it is a common question to ask how aerogarden how to transplant. There is a need to transplant the aerogarden because these herbs and plants must get used to their environment when planted in their pots. So to get better results, do not plant them directly the outdoors. So use the pots with great size for the growing aero garden.

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