Best Artificial Grass for Cats in 2024

Today we shall show you the best artificial grass for cats that would make your pets comfortable inside your house and give them a nice play area. This fake grass for cats is an extremely beneficial product that can help you in so many ways you can’t even imagine.

Now we understand that you might be a bit confused as there are hundreds and thousands of products available in the market. Understandably, you might not be able to choose the right one without any proper knowledge.

Please put your mind at ease as we have already done all the research for you and short-listed the best grass pad for cats. Moreover, we will also guide you and educate you on choosing the right grass mat for cats.

Comparison of 4 Best Artificial Grass for Cats in 2024

Image Brands Dimensions Backing type View on Amazon
GOLDEN MOON GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Patch Tiles 11.8 x 11.8 x 1.7 inches Rubber Back Check Price
AMASKY AMASKY Artificial Grass Turf 4 Tone Synthetic Artificial Turf Rug 24 x 17 x 1.37 inches Rubber Back Check Price
Best Artificial Grass for Cats GOLDEN MOON Grass Pee Pad Artificial Turf 25 x 25 x 1.8 inches Rubber Back Check Price
PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug 79 x 79 x 9.90 inches Rubber Back Check Price


Top 4 Best Artificial Grass for Cats Reviews in 2024

1 GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Patch Tiles

GOLDEN MOON If your pet is also very moody and does not obey when it is time to pee, and they create a mess all around the house, this certainly should be your number 1 choice. The fake grass for cats is made of the best materials on the market and provides your pet with a smooth and comfortable place to carry out all of their activities.

Often, cats and dogs tear up the turf when they jump around and play on it. But Golden Moon has made sure that this won’t happen with their product. They have deliberately used rubber as their base material, allowing all the energy to be absorbed and dispersed.

Hence, providing you with ultimate quality. Furthermore, the rubber base does not make it hard to cut the turf into your desired shapes. You can easily carve out the most appropriate shape to fit the area you want to put it in. It is the best artificial grass for cats.

This is a great product if your pet is not too big. You can easily put some toys in the area and let them play around it. All of the specifications come in handy, and the product is of great quality.

Besides, it is a new product and is very light to touch so it would be gentle for your pets. It is best that you give it a try and it surely won’t disappoint you.



What We Liked
  • High-quality material
  • Pack of four
  • Wash-friendly
  • Ideal size
  • Durable
  • Soft to touch
  • Age-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Can be cut
  • Appropriate pile height
What We Didn't Like
  • It does not cover much area
  • Long-term vigorous activities can damage it
 PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug

2 AMASKY Artificial Grass Turf 4 Tone Synthetic Artificial Turf Rug

AMASKYIf you are looking for a cat-friendly grass pad that will help to keep your pet calm and give them a realistic feel, AMASKY has got you covered here. The amazing product they provide has all the features and specs that you will be looking for.

The rectangular shape ensures that your pet has good space to play on. Moreover, the low pile height gives a soft and tender feel to the pet’s paws when they step or play on it. It is entirely safe to use and has met all the regulatory authority’s requirements. Also, read the Best Lawn Sweepers.

Furthermore, the company has used polyethylene in manufacturing, which is one of the best materials in grass pads for cats. It doesn’t end here; the back is made out of durable rubber with drainage holes that will allow all the water or pee to drain through and keep the turf clean and dry.


The drainage holes allow it to be washed with a hose that will take away all the wee and dirt from it. You can also use a neutral detergent for extra hygiene.

This is an excellent product for your pet’s comfort and cleanliness. It will help them stay cozy even inside and allow you to keep your mind at ease. It is easy to wash and very durable. Moreover, it can be customized to your desired size and shape.

Besides, it has the best material used in manufacturing, so you don’t need to worry about the product losing its shape or quality over time. If you are worried about the color factor, try to keep it away from direct sunlight, and you will be just fine.

 GOLDEN MOON Grass Pee Pad Artificial Turf


What We Liked
  • High quality
  • Realistic look
  • Decent size
  • SRB latex
  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Low pile height
  • Rubber back
  • Drainage holes
  • Non-woven cloth
  • Can be cut
What We Didn't Like
  • It might lose color over time
  • Heavy


feature of GOLDEN MOON Grass Pee Pad Artificial Turf Pet

3 GOLDEN MOON Grass Pee Pad Artificial Turf

GOLDEN MOON Grass Pee Pad Artificial TurfWere you looking for the best way to train your pet to not create a mess all around the house by pooping everywhere? Well, you found the perfect device for this purpose. Golden Moon has created another awesome product that will help train your pet in hygiene and cleanliness.

The fake grass for indoor cats is made of top-quality materials that ensure the prolonged longevity of the product. The product is made in perfect dimensions so that your needy pet has enough room to stay comfortable while they are peeing. It is one of the artificial grass for cats. You Can also check the Best Artificial Grass for Arizona Heat.

In addition, the pile height is kept extra low in this product, so the cat or dog does not feel any level of discomfort and has a sense of gentleness and softness whenever they sit on the best artificial grass cats.


The best part is that it features drainage holes to pass through all the pee and wee. If you use it in combination with pee pads, there is nothing better you can get. However, it would be best if you handled this grass patch for cats with some extra care.

You need to wash it with warm or lukewarm water and let it dry naturally. Moreover, please don’t use harsh detergents as they might damage the surface of the turf.

This product is amazing and the most useful one you can ever find. If you are also looking up ways to train your pet, there is no better choice than this cat-friendly grass. But you need to make sure that it is not treated roughly either by you or your pet.

The low pile height is deliberately chosen so that your pet does not feel any discomfort. But it comes at a price. Treat it roughly, and you might damage it. Hence, make sure that it is used only for the purpose that it is made for.

Artificial Grass Turf


What We Liked
  • High quality
  • Extra soft
  • Ideal shape and size
  • Gentle
  • Can be cut
  • Easy to drain
  • Color-retentive
What We Didn't Like
  • Low pile length height damaged by pet paws.


AMASKY Artificial Grass Turf

4 PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug

PET GROW PG1-4If you were looking for a grass mat for cats that would serve different purposes and retain quality, you have landed at the right spot. PG1- 4 is the all-rounder in this field. You can use it for your backyard, your patio, or your pets.

This synthetic turf mat is the best solution for all your problems. It is made out of the most elite materials that allow sturdy and resilient against rough treatment and harsh conditions. It has a medium pile length, which is optimum for a soft and realistic look and durability that will last you a lifetime.

The four-tone color ensures that you have the same luscious green look all around the year. The back is made out of super high-quality rubber. Furthermore, it features drainage holes to clean it whenever you feel the need to do so.

Besides, it has quick-drying abilities, so you can start using it within a few minutes after the wash. It is very flexible, which ensures that it does not tear up even when your pet plays with it most roughly. It is the best fake grass for indoor cats.

In addition, it is environmentally friendly and has been manufactured with bio-friendly materials.

The PG1 -4 is a super awesome product if you want something that would go as a doormat to your pet’s playing area. It is highly durable, and the medium pile height allows it to bear rough treatment and still provide a reasonable amount of comfort to your pets.

This product is truly worth your money, and you should not ignore any feature it has to offer.


What We Liked
  • Durable
  • Color-retentive
  • Environment-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Easy wash
  • Multi-purpose
  • Medium pile height
What We Didn't Like
  • Extra thickness can be a bit rough for some pets.
 GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Patch Tiles

Buying Guide:-

If you are new to this field, you would certainly need some basic knowledge to make the right purchase. Below, we shall discuss some important factors that must be kept in mind wherever you buy grass pads for cats.


Firstly, the material which is used in the manufacturing of fake grass for cats matters a lot. Nylon and polyethylene are the top-notch materials in this case. But they are usually a bit expensive. Other synthetic materials can prove to be robust in this scenario and also cost-efficient.

Moreover, the material at the back is also very important. A non-woven base with rubber at the back should be your ideal choice.

Pile Height

This factor determines what purpose you are using the mat for. If the pile height is below 30mm, you will be having something extra soft and smooth. Somewhere between 30mm and 37mm is the optimum height for comfort and durability. Something over 37mm might be a bit rough and would not look very natural.


You need to ensure that the fake grass pad you are buying has drainage holes, dries quickly, and can be washed with a neutral detergent.

Budget Efficiency

Lastly, the product should not be overpriced and must give all features within a reasonable amount.


Below is a list of our FAQs that will help you with any questions that may come to your mind. We hope these FAQs will help you make an informed decision.

How to prevent your artificial grass from smelling cat wee?

You must use products such as detergents that have enzymes and live bacteria. They will help to remove any residues inside or outside the material and keep it fresh.

What is the best pile height for cats?

If you are looking for something soft and durable, a pile height of 30mm to 37mm would be suitable. However, if you want to compromise durability and extra softness, look for something below 30mm.

What is the best pile density for cats?

This might vary according to the preferences and likings of your pet but what we recommend is for you to choose a density between 16000 and 1800 stitches per square meter.

What is the best fiber material to choose for cats?

Many materials would suit your cat, but if you want to have the best material possible, then polyethylene is surely the best choice.

Will artificial grass for cats need a foam underlay?

It is better that you use a foam underlay. Not only will it provide extra comfort, but it will also help to keep your floor clean from any wee.

Is artificial grass safe for cats?

Yes. It is completely safe for cats, but you need to make sure that the material and the quality are good, and that you must maintain hygiene regularly.

Do cats like artificial grass?

Yes, cats like to play on artificial grass like they are playing on natural grass.

Will my cat be able to lick artificial grass?

Your cat can surely lick the grass, but it won’t feel any flavor, of course. You need to ensure that you have the right materials and that hygiene is taken care of. You Can also check the Best Artificial Grass for the Balcony.

What are the benefits of using artificial grass for cats?

There are several benefits of using artificial grass for cats. Some of these benefits include:

1. Artificial grass is easier to clean than traditional litter boxes. This means that it is less likely to cause an odor problem in your home.

2. Artificial grass for cats can help keep your cat’s claws healthy and trim. This is because cats often scratch at traditional litter boxes, which can damage their claws.

3. Artificial grass is more comfortable for cats than traditional litter boxes. This is because it is soft and textured, which mimics the feel of real grass.

4. Artificial grass can help to keep your cat’s fur clean and free of debris. This is because it does not absorb urine or feces like traditional litter boxes.

5. Artificial grass for cats is environmentally friendly. This is because it does not require the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Do all artificial grasses have the same effect on cats?

No. Not all artificial grasses have the same effect on cats. In fact, different types of artificial grass for cats have different effects on cats. Some artificial grasses can actually be harmful to cats, while other types of artificial grasses are perfectly safe for them. It all depends on the specific type of artificial grass that is used.


In a nutshell, we have provided you with the best artificial grass for cats. All of the products mentioned above are of supreme quality. Moreover, we have also educated you on the integral factors that must be noticed when buying fake grass for cats.

Now it is up to you to decide which of the four products mentioned above suits your needs the best. If you have already decided which one is your favorite, what are you waiting for? So, go and order it right away before it gets out of stock.

Make sure to leave us a comment and let us know whether you liked the product or not.

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